Our Story

Fight Dirty Ink was born out of Hockey Academy of Detroit. What originally started as a simple hockey camp designed to bring hockey back into youth sports, then grew into a booming sensation. We quickly discovered people grew more and more interested in purchasing the clever and unique clothing we had created.
Fight Dirty originated as a brand under the new Hockey’s Finest banner. Soon the popularity of the various Fight Dirty shirts grew, and it was launched as it’s own brand in 2011. Simultaneously, Fight Dirty Ink was formed and launched alongside to create an in house screen printing company.

Endorsing Champions

Our Fight Dirty Staff hand picks each person we choose to endorse. Ranging from award winning rappers to MMA champions. Fight Dirty strives to showcase raw and honed talent with pure Detroit agression. Each person endorsed is from the Michigan area and who have the same mindset as us to give back to the city.

Real Detroit

Giving back to the community is a major priority for our company. We believe in the philosophy of understanding where you came from, and we never forget. Between providing charity events and giving away auction items to cancer fundraisers and clothing to the homeless, we believe in making a difference.